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Jun 22, 2018

Creativity@Home Away Day 2018


For two days, the principal investigators, researchers and graduates studying drug delivery left their labs, offices and write-up areas to learn and engage with experts as they provided insight into drug clinical trial work and the pharmaceutical industry drug development process. In the peaceful Berkshire countryside, the OxCD3 team had full days to consider overall the work they have done and the work they intend to do in the coming months.

Professor Mark Middleton, the Head of Oncology (Oxford), walked the group through the clinical trial process and answered many questions from the audience on practical issues surrounding trial work.  Dr Sanyogitta Puri's (AstraZeneca) presentation focused on moving ideas to development and production. The group was tasked, by Professor Constantin Coussios, to consider the information learned during the sessions and develop ideas for the next stage of work within across the current work packages.

Between sessions, everyone was invited to team building events which included football, laser tag, and working on a giant puzzle.

Creativity@Home Team building

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