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Zhang, L., Zhang, Z., Jasa, J., Li, D., Cleveland, R.O., Negahban, M., and Jérusalem, A.  Molecular dynamics simulations of heterogeneous cell membranes in response to uniaxial membrane stretches at high loading rates  Sci Rep. 2017 Aug 16;7(1):8316
V. Pereno, D. Carugo, L. Bau, E. Sezgin, J. Bernardino de la Serna, C. Eggeling, E. Stride.   Electroformation of giant unilamellar vesicles on stainless steel electrodes.   ACS Omega 2: 994-1002 (2017)
J. Owen, C. Crake, J. Lee, D. Carugo, E. Beguin, A. Khrapitchev, R. Browning, N. Sibson, E. Stride.    A versatile method for the production of magnetic microbubbles for targeted drug delivery  Drug Delivery and Translational Research. (2017) - accepted and in press
Lee, J., Crake, C., Teo, B., Carugo, D., de Saint Victor, M., Seth, A., Stride, E.,    Ultrasound-enhanced siRNA Delivery Using Magnetic Nanoparticle-loaded Chitosan-deoxycholic acid Nanodroplets.   Advanced Healthcare Materials 6 (8), 2192 - 2659 (2017)
Crake, C., Owen, J., Smart, S., Coviello, C.,  Coussios, C-C., Carlisle,R., Stride, E.,   Enhancement and Passive Acoustic Mapping of Cavitation from Fluorescently Tagged Magnetic Resonance-Visible Magnetic Microbubbles In Vivo  Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology 42 12: 3022 -3036 (2016)
Lea-Banks, H., Teo, B., Stride, E., Coussios, C-C.,   The Effect of Particle Density on Ultrasound-Mediated Transport of Nanoparticles  Phys. Med. Biol. 61 (22), 7906-7918 (2016).
 Bhatnagar, S., Kwan, J.J, Shah, A.R., Coussios, C-C., Carlisle, R.,   Exploitation of sub-micron cavitation nuclei to enhance ultrasound-mediated transdermal transport and penetration of vaccines  Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society, 238 (2016) 22-30.
Suomi, V. , Han, Y. , Yang, D. , Edwards, D., Konofagou, E,  Cleveland, R.O.  The effect of temperature dependent tissue parameters on acoustic radiation force induced displacements  Physics Medicine Biology 61:7427–7447 (2016)
Nwokeoha, S., Carlisle, R., Cleveland, R.  The Application of Clinical Lithotripter Shock Waves on RNA Nucleotide Delivery to Cells.   Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 42 10: 2478-2492 (2016).
Myers, R., Coviello, C., Erbs,  P., Rowe,  C., Kwan,   J., Foloppe,  J., Crake,  C, Finn,  S., Jackson, E. , Balloul, J.-M., Story, C., Coussios, C.-C. and Carlisle, R.   Polymeric Cups for Cavitation Mediated Delivery of Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus.  Molecular Therapy 24(9): 1627–1633 (2016)
Tedcastle, A., Illingworth, S., Brown, A., Seymour, L.W., Fisher, Kerry D.,  Actin-resistant DNAse I Expression From Oncolytic Adenovirus Enadenotucirev Enhances Its Intratumoral Spread and Reduces Tumor Growth  Molecular Therapy, 24 4: 796 - 804 (2016)
Grundy, M., Coussios, C.-C. Carlisle, R.  Advances in systemic delivery of anti-cancer agents for the treatment of metastatic cancer.  Expert Opin. Drug Deliv.1-15 (2016).
Kwan, J.J., Myers, R., Coviello, C.M., Graham, S.M., Shah, A.R., Stride E., Carlisle, R.C. and Coussios, C.-C.  Ultrasound-Propelled Nanocups for Drug Delivery  Small 11(39): 5305-5314 (2015).
Mo, S., Carlisle, R., Laga, R., Myers, R., Graham, S., Cawood, R., Ulbrich, K., Seymour, L. and Coussios, C.-C.  Increasing the density of nanomedicines improves their ultrasound-mediated delivery to tumours.  Journal of Controlled Release 210, 10-18 (2015)


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