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Pereno, V., Aron, M., Vince, O., Mannaris, C., Seth, A., de Saint Victor, M., Mannaris, C., Lajoinie, G., Versluis, M., Coussios, C., Carugo, D., Stride, E.   Layered acoustofluidic resonators for the study of the physical and biological effects of acoustic cavitation   Biomicrofluidics 12, 034109 (2018)
Owen, J., Crake, C., Browning, R., Lee, J., Carugo, D., Stride, E.   A versatile method for the production of magnetic microbubbles for targeted drug delivery  Drug Delivery and Translational Research 8: 342–356 (2018) (#)
Lyons, P., Gray, M.D., Mannaris, C., Folkes, L.K., Stratford, M., Campo,L., Chung, D.Y.F., Scott, S., Anderson, M., Goldin, R., Carlisle, R., Wu, F., Middleton, M.R., Gleeson, F.V., Coussios, C-C.   Safety and feasibility of ultrasound-triggered targeted drug delivery of doxorubicin from thermosensitive liposomes in liver tumours (TARDOX): a single-centre, open-label, phase 1 trial  The Lancet Oncology (on line)
Chad A. Tagge,Andrew M. Fisher,Olga V. Minaeva, Amanda Gaudreau-Balderrama, Juliet A. Moncaster,Xiao-Lei Zhang,Mark W. Wojnarowicz,Noel Casey, Haiyan Lu, Olga N. Kokiko-Cochran,Sudad Saman, Maria Ericsson,Kristen D. Onos, Ronel Veksler, Vlad Senatorov, Asami Kondo, Xiao Z. Zhou, Omid Miry, Linnea R. Vose, Katisha R. Gopaul, Chirag Upreti, Christopher J. Nowinski, Robert C. Cantu, Victor E. Alvarez, Janusz Konrad, James A. Hamilton, Ning Hua,Yorghos Tripodis, Andrew T. Anderson, Gareth R. Howell, Daniela Kaufer, Garth F. Hall, Kun P. Lu, Richard M. Ransohoff,Robin O. Cleveland,Neil W. Kowall,Bertrand R. Huber, Thor D. Stein, Bruce T. Lamb, William C. Moss, Alon Friedman, Patric K. Stanton, Ann C. McKee, Lee E. Goldstein  Concussion, Microvascular Injury, and Phosphorylated Tauopathy in Young Athletes after Impact Head Injury and an Impact Concussion Mouse Model  Brain 141:422-458 (2018)
Li, D., Pellegrino, A., Hallack, A., Petrinic, N., Jersalem, A., Cleveland, R.O.  Characterisation of single cell response to shock waves and in silico optimisation of shock wave-mediated therapy  Biophysical Journal 114:1433-1439 (2018). 
Suomi, V., Jaros, J., Treeby, B., Cleveland, R. O.  High-intensity focused ultrasound therapy in the kidney: a simulation study  IEEE Trans. on Biomedical Engineering 65: 969-979 (2018)
Barnsley, Lester C., Gray, Michael D., Beguin, Estelle, Carugo, Dario and Stride, Eleanor  A combined magnetic-acoustic device for simultaneous, co-aligned application of magnetic and ultrasonic fields.   Advanced Materials Technologies, 1-37. (2018)
Adams, Matthew T., Cleveland, Robin O., Roy, Ronald A.   A Modeling-Based Design and Assessment of an Acousto-Optic Guided High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound System  J. Biomed. Opt. 22(1), 017001 (2017)
Cui, HW., Devlies, W, Stevens, DJ, Ravenscroft, S, Heers,H., Freidin, A., Cleveland, RO, Turney, BW.  CT Texture Analysis of Renal Stones Predicts Ease of Fragmentation with Shock Wave Lithotripsy  J Endourol. 31:694-700 (2017).
Zhang, L., Zhang, Z., Jasa, J., Li, D., Cleveland, R.O., Negahban, M., and Jérusalem, A.  Molecular dynamics simulations of heterogeneous cell membranes in response to uniaxial membrane stretches at high loading rates  Sci Rep. 2017 Aug 16;7(1):8316
V. Pereno, D. Carugo, L. Bau, E. Sezgin, J. Bernardino de la Serna, C. Eggeling, E. Stride.   Electroformation of giant unilamellar vesicles on stainless steel electrodes.   ACS Omega 2: 994-1002 (2017)
Lee, J., Crake, C., Teo, B., Carugo, D., de Saint Victor, M., Seth, A., Stride, E.,    Ultrasound-enhanced siRNA Delivery Using Magnetic Nanoparticle-loaded Chitosan-deoxycholic acid Nanodroplets.   Advanced Healthcare Materials 6 (8), 2192 - 2659 (2017)
Crake, C., Owen, J., Smart, S., Coviello, C.,  Coussios, C-C., Carlisle,R., Stride, E.,   Enhancement and Passive Acoustic Mapping of Cavitation from Fluorescently Tagged Magnetic Resonance-Visible Magnetic Microbubbles In Vivo  Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology 42 12: 3022 -3036 (2016)
Lea-Banks, H., Teo, B., Stride, E., Coussios, C-C.,   The Effect of Particle Density on Ultrasound-Mediated Transport of Nanoparticles  Phys. Med. Biol. 61 (22), 7906-7918 (2016).
 Bhatnagar, S., Kwan, J.J, Shah, A.R., Coussios, C-C., Carlisle, R.,   Exploitation of sub-micron cavitation nuclei to enhance ultrasound-mediated transdermal transport and penetration of vaccines  Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society, 238 (2016) 22-30.
Owen J, McEwan C, Nesbitt H, Bovornchutichai P, Averre R, Borden M, et al.   Reducing Tumour Hypoxia via Oral Administration of Oxygen Nanobubbles.   (2016) PLoS ONE 11(12): e0168088. 
Suomi, V. , Han, Y. , Yang, D. , Edwards, D., Konofagou, E,  Cleveland, R.O.  The effect of temperature dependent tissue parameters on acoustic radiation force induced displacements  Physics Medicine Biology 61:7427–7447 (2016)
Nwokeoha, S., Carlisle, R., Cleveland, R.  The Application of Clinical Lithotripter Shock Waves on RNA Nucleotide Delivery to Cells.   Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 42 10: 2478-2492 (2016).
Myers, R., Coviello, C., Erbs,  P., Rowe,  C., Kwan,   J., Foloppe,  J., Crake,  C, Finn,  S., Jackson, E. , Balloul, J.-M., Story, C., Coussios, C.-C. and Carlisle, R.   Polymeric Cups for Cavitation Mediated Delivery of Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus.  Molecular Therapy 24(9): 1627–1633 (2016)
Tedcastle, A., Illingworth, S., Brown, A., Seymour, L.W., Fisher, Kerry D.,  Actin-resistant DNAse I Expression From Oncolytic Adenovirus Enadenotucirev Enhances Its Intratumoral Spread and Reduces Tumor Growth  Molecular Therapy, 24 4: 796 - 804 (2016)
Grundy, M., Coussios, C.-C. Carlisle, R.  Advances in systemic delivery of anti-cancer agents for the treatment of metastatic cancer.  Expert Opin. Drug Deliv.1-15 (2016).


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