Doctoral Students
Work Package - Ultrasound & Solid Nanoparticles for Viral Delivery

Claudia Hill
Claudia Hill

Claudia joined BUBBL under the supervision of Professor Robert Carlisle upon completion of her MEng in General Engineering at the University of Oxford. She is currently a first year DPhil student working on modifying oncolytic viruses for their enhanced delivery with ultrasound within Work Package 1 of OxCD3 . Specifically, Claudia is looking at using polymers to coat Vaccinia virus to improve its systemic delivery, and using ultrasound to improve its overall tumour penetration and distribution.
Cameron Smith

Cameron graduated from Imperial College London with first class honours in Biomedical Engineering (MEng).  His final year project was under the supervision of Dr James Choi, developing an acoustic monitoring technique to allow for the measurement of the velocity distribution of microbubbles. As a OxCD3-funded University of Oxford doctoral student, Cameron's current work explores real time monitoring of ultrasound mediated drug delivery. It is hoped that his work will allow for improved monitoring of ultrasound therapies making it easier to bring them to a clinical setting.
Work Package: Shock wave delivery of antibody fragments

Alexander Martin

Alex graduated from Ulster University, Northern Ireland, in 2017 with a BSc (Hons) Biomedical Engineering degree with Diploma in Professional Practice, first class honours and distinction, respectively.  Over the course of his degree he performed research in electrochemistry based sensor devices and for his dissertation, researched and developed microneedle arrays for drug delivery and sensing applications under the supervision of Professor James Davis. Receiving the Oxford Centre for Drug Delivery Devices studentship, Alex joined BUBBL and Wadham College as a DPhil candidate in October 2017 and is under the supervision of Professor Robin Cleveland and Professor Robert Carlisle. The main focus of his research is optimising the delivery and uptake of cancer therapeutics using ultrasound and cavitation nuclei.  


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